Whether you are a regular weekend fairway bandit or have never held a club in your life you can suffer from Golfer’s Elbow!

Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis is a condition that causes pain where the tendons of the forearm muscles attach to the bony bump on the inside of your elbow. The pain may also spread into the forearm and wrist. The condition is similar to tennis elbow, although that causes pain on the outside of the elbow.

Golfer’s Elbow is caused by repetitive stress, often with forceful wrist and finger motions, so although it is commonly associated with the game of golf, it can also be a problem for people in trades where gripping is involved eg. carpentry and painting. Due to tendon degeneration the elbow may feel stiff and painful and the hand and wrist may feel weak. Males and females are equally affected and the most common age of onset is between the ages of 35 and 50.

Don’t throw your clubs into the water hazard just yet, though, because Gary Brooks at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy has a treatment regime for Golfer’s Elbow that will save your elbow and your handicap! Using a combination of rest ( yes, you may have to! ), ice, stretches, gentle massage and strengthening exercises he will work to reduce the pain of the elbow and strengthen the tendons and muscles of your forearm.

So come to Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for relief from Golfer’s Elbow and we’ll have you teeing off before you can say ‘birdy’. Call now on 5545 0500



If your child often complains of knee pain and is developing a lump just under the knee joint, they may be suffering from Osgood-Schlatters disease. But don’t panic, just because it’s called a disease doesn’t mean it’s contagious or will make them sick (….although they might carry on like it!)

Basically, as kids go through their pre-teen and teenage growth spurts, their bones grow faster than their muscles. This means the muscles struggle to catch up in length  and become very tight. They then pull on the bone, creating discomfort and pain. Osgood-Schlatters disease relates specifically to this condition around the top of the shin, just below the knee.

Kids in the 11 – 14 year old range are most commonly affected and those with a passion for sport are more at risk. Although any activity can cause this type of knee pain, it is common in kids who play sports which involve a lot of running, jumping or changes of direction, like netball, basketball, soccer and gymnastics.

The good news is that the knee pain is easily treated and managed.  A visit to Gary at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy is a good idea if the pain and swelling is frequent, getting worse or is interrupting their sleep and activities. Gary can assess your child’s muscle length and knee alignment and give advice and treatment to reduce pain and swelling and keep them active through their growing years.

As the parent of a teenaged child, you have enough on your plate! Let us solve their knee pain and at least they can tell you their story walking!

Call for an appointment on – 55450500


No, this is not an article about avoiding the pitfalls of the housing market by illegally occupying a building, but rather about whether a simple exercise could improve your longevity.

A recent study from the American National Academy of Sciences postulated that regular squatting with your feet flat on the floor could add years to your life by keeping your muscles working. Squatting, rather than sitting in a chair, has benefits for strength and flexibility and requires energy, pulling triglycerides out of the bloodstream, which assists cardiac health.

Another trial, published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology in 2014, revealed that people aged 51 – 80 who could get up from a squatting position without using their hands were less likely to die in the next 6 years than those who couldn’t pull themselves up! That should raise your rate of interest!

Overall, the advice continues to be that sitting is slowly killing us so we need to frequently change our position if we don’t want to mortgage our health. The benefit of squats in particular is that this exercise works the largest muscles of the body so you are getting more ‘bang for your buck’ and as we age, the ability to move in and out of a squat position has implications for strength, mobility, independence and longevity.

If you would like to evict your health and fitness problems,  give Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy a call on 5545 0500.


This figure of speech is misleading and scary!

People will tell you your back is weak and you have to be careful, but the truth is, your back is a strong and stable structure designed to bend and flex. It supports your whole body as you move. The majority of back pain is due to joint sprains, muscle spasm or disc bulges. Short of major trauma, your vertebrae don’t move out of their intended positions ever! They are stabilised and held in position by bony locking, strong ligaments and muscles.


Are you suffering back pain at the moment?

Do you have pain with twisting, coughing or sneezing?

Do you have pain with bending forwards or backwards?

Do you have pain which is sharp or pain which is aching?

Do you have burning, tingling or numbness that radiates down your limb?


All of these symptoms can be addressed at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy. Let us put your mind at ease! Gary will carefully assess your symptoms and with over 30 years experience, he has many treatment options available to alleviate your pain and reduce your fear. It is important to know that the vast majority of back injuries respond well to treatment and do not lead to chronic disability.

So if you want to know the ins and outs of back pain give us a call for treatment and peace of mind.

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Their eyes locked as they squinted across the cubicle. A tumbleweed rolled forlornly in the background. The heel spurs jangled as the clock struck midday and he made a lightning fast play for the heat gun!

Whoa, hold your horses. Who writes this stuff? The receptionists at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy would never let a tumbleweed into the practice, although it’s true that Gary may reach for the heat gun when moulding orthotics for the treatment of Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

The Plantar Fascia is connective tissue that runs from under the heel, along the arch to the base of the big toe. Its function is to hold up the arch and help in the push off phase of walking. Unsupportive shoes, flat feet or collapsed arches can cause the Plantar Fascia to become stressed, inflamed and painful. In extreme cases, a heel spur may also form. Typically, swelling gathers in the tissue overnight so that when you get up the pain is unbearable until you “walk it off” dispersing the swelling.

The good news is, although this condition is exquisitely painful, it is also fixable by following these steps :

  1. Support the arch – shoes with arch support, orthotics or strapping will all help to support the arch and reduce the pulling on the Plantar Fascia
  2. Stretch the Plantar Fascia – if the tissue is nice and elastic it will stretch rather than tear and swell.
  3. Reduce the swelling – ice, massage and medication can all help.

If pain in your arches and heels is causing you more grief than a sidewinder in a saloon, come and see Gary at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for treatment and relief – 5545 0500


Did you watch ‘Skippy’ as a kid? Do you remember leg warmers as a fashion accessory? Did you have the bands ‘The Church’ and ‘Models’ on high rotation? Do you remember the strange phenomenon of Max Headroom?…Congratulations! You have now made the danger age for Rotator Cuff shoulder injuries!

The Rotator Cuff is a group of four shoulder muscles and associated tendons that maintain the integrity of the shoulder joint by holding the shoulder ball in the correct position within the socket. If the Rotator Cuff is injured then the shoulder is prone to weakness and pain during activities such as lifting the arm and reaching.

Damage can be caused by activities such as lifting, throwing or falling onto the arm or shoulder. And sadly, normal age related changes can also predispose the Rotator Cuff to problems. Injuries usually present as an aching pain around the top of the upper arm and the pain is often sharper with elevation of the arm or lying on the affected shoulder.

Physiotherapy treatment at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy generally involves modification of activities and specific re-training exercises for the Rotator Cuff and supporting shoulder blade muscles. Recent research indicates that, except for in extreme cases, conservative treatment is as effective as surgical intervention in the long term.

So if your shoulder is in worse shape than your betamax cassette of ‘Flashdance’ come and see us at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for advice and relief – 5545 0500


Review of activity on You tube during isolation by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the UK, revealed millions of searches for advice on common muscle, bone or joint problems. The results for back pain, as an example, ranged from the ridiculous such as applying garlic in a wet sock to the back, to the downright dangerous such as taking on a Navy Seal workout!

In fact, of the 100 most viewed videos, the reviewers found

  1. Almost half contained a myth (43%)
  2. More than half contained false or misleading information (60%)
  3. Nearly a third had an unrealistic video demonstration ( 32%)
  4. Almost half did not state their qualifications for providing advice (45%)

Although the internet can be a rapid source of information, it’s hard to separate the fact from fiction and unregulated health advice can lead to people making their conditions worse!

Of course, your best source of reliable advice on Musculoskeletal conditions is your family physiotherapist at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy. We have remained open during this time for people to receive treatment in a safe environment and we also provide telehealth consultations so people in full isolation can still receive the guidance they need.

Remember, garlic is best used in the culinary arts and socks are always best on your feet and dry, so if you are struggling with pain, give your computer mouse a break and call us on 5545 0500.


One of the more interesting conditions to have surfaced during isolation is “Ugg Boot Foot”.

This is classified as foot pain caused by wearing shoes with little or no support for long periods of time. And, let’s face it, isolation or working from home has led to many of us donning the faithful sheep skin from dawn until dusk!….they’re comfy and they go so well with the high end fashion of  trackie dacks and hoodies!

And it’s not just uggies. Fashion search platform, Lyst, has recorded global searches for Crocs up by 32% and fur slides up by 62% and goodness knows how many people are spending their days in their slippers!

The problem is this, worn over long periods of time, this sort of unstructured footwear can lead to increased risk of foot injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis due to their lack of support and also increased risk of falls due to the loose fit and poor sole structure. Pain in other lower limb areas can also develop due to repetitive ‘clawing’ of toes in an effort to keep the shoes on. This in turn can lead to back pain and suddenly your Ugg boots aren’t looking quite so comfortable!

But, help is at hand. Your family physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy are specialists in settling your aching feet, limbs and back. We provide treatment and advice to ensure your emergence from isolation can be a catwalk strut instead of a stumble.

Give us a call on 5545 0500 and keep the Ugg boots for ‘after five’ wear only.

Gary Brooks


On the 1st of June 1997, we opened the doors of Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for the first time. It was an exciting and daunting time, starting a business from scratch, but we soon hit our stride with the support of our local doctors and community.

Over the years, we have repaid the favour by caring for locals and visitors alike by staying true to our core values of excellence, empathy and humour. We feel proud and grateful to have also mentored a number of young physios who have since gone on to success in their careers.

At the heart of our practice is our lynch pin, senior physiotherapist, Gary Brooks. With over 30 years of experience, he has become a specialist in diagnosis and treatment! He will always take the time to listen to you and ensure your treatment plan is right for you. There is not too much in the physio world that he hasn’t seen before, so you can be guided by his experience…plus he loves a challenge, so bring it on!

In the latest worldwide business crisis, we have been fortunate to keep our doors open during the Covid-19 pandemic and have adapted well to the changing landscape by implementing upgraded sanitization and offering telehealth as a treatment option.

As we celebrate our 23rd birthday at the clinic, we look forward to the coming years with excitement and would like to express our gratitude for everyone’s support.

Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy – 5545 0500


Remember when your granny said she could predict a change in the weather by the aching in her joints? You should have paid more attention because it turns out she may have been right!

Robert Jamison, Professor at the Harvard Medical School and his team found that two major factors led to arthritis sufferers having increased pain with changes in weather.

The first was that changes in weather could simultaneously bring changes in barometric pressure. When the pressure drops it can allow body tissues to expand and put more pressure on the nerves that control pain signals.

The second critical factor was that people became less active over the winter months and did not stick to their usual exercise regimes. This caused their  joints to become stiffer with a corresponding increase in pain.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of a flare up in your arthritis symptoms over winter?

Dressing warmly is the first easy step. Pay particular attention to your extremities and your head where most of your heat is lost. Next, and most importantly, keep exercising! Regular, moderate exercise can reduce joint pain and stiffness, build strong muscles to support the joints and increase flexibility and endurance.

Whilst we’ll leave it to your granny to knit you a beanie, your family physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy can assess your condition and tailor treatment and exercise programs specific to your needs. Don’t let the pain of arthritis ruin your winter. Call for an appointment on 5545 0500