Do you love cycling more than it loves you back? Do you get off your bike with a sore knee, hip or back? You may be riding a bike which is not the right size for you or not set up correctly.

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy, our senior physiotherapist, Gary Brooks has been trained in the subtle art of bike fitting. He has helped many people, from competitive cyclists to weekend tourers, get the most out of their sport by ensuring they are set up in the most efficient biomechanical position.

By examining your riding position and looking at things like seat stem length, seat position and handlebar settings in conjunction with your physical measurements, Gary can set you up for cycling success and comfort. He can also address any injuries or imbalances you may have and make sure you receive the treatment which is best for you. As a keen cyclist himself, Gary understands the frustration of not getting the most out of your bike.

So, if you would like to be more at one with your machine, call Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for a bike fit appointment today on 5545 0500. After all, the Tour de France is only 8 months away!


Are you feeling down at heel? – “Yeah. I started out on the wrong foot”

One of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is pain when taking the first couple of steps in the morning.

What is it?

The Plantar fascia runs along the sole of your foot from your heel bone to the base of your toes and together with the surrounding muscles, it supports the medial (inside) arch of the foot to provide stability and also helps to absorb load during weight bearing activities.

Plantar fasciitis mostly affects people between the age of 40-60, and is present in about 10% of runners. Pain is usually felt on the bottom of the heel and along the arch of the foot. Risk factors include but are not limited to: obesity, foot posture, excessive impact or prolonged weight-bearing activities.

How do I fix it?

The focus of treatment may be on stretching, strengthening, advice and education on pain management and possibly provision of supportive orthotics..

The good news is, 90% of people with plantar fasciitis respond well to conservative treatment and rarely require surgical interventions.

Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy can help you put the right foot forward by alleviating your symptoms and establishing a treatment plan to tackle this aggravating condition. Call us now on – 55450500


Have you noticed that your neck pain is invariably worse when the neighbour’s dog keeps you awake barking all night, you’re arguing with the kids, you have a tight deadline at work and you’ve spent hours sitting at your desk?

Although ‘bad’ posture was previously thought to be the leading cause of neck pain, the scientific studies are suggesting differently.  In various trials, researchers found that people with neck pain were more likely to be those getting less quality and quantity of sleep, working jobs with high stress, suffering depressed mood and being less physically active. Postural interventions, such as altering their workstations to change their sitting position had little to no impact on their condition. Even in children as young as 9 years old, symptoms such as tiredness, sleep difficulties and low mood were risk factors for both the occurrence and persistence of weekly neck pain.

So, where does that leave us? It appears that ensuring  you don’t become sleep deprived, reducing stress and keeping up your physical activity will manage and prevent neck pain. Also, as is the case with back pain, it appears that your posture at any one time is less important than changing your posture from time to time. One of the key things you can do to avoid neck pain is to change your position frequently during the day.

We need to stop worrying about how we sit or walk because there may be no such thing as ‘bad’ posture after all…..and it just might be the worrying about it that gives you the neck pain!

For advice on your neck pain call Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy on 5545 0500.


They say old rockers never die, and if you are old enough to remember The Grateful Dead, Creedence and The Who at Woodstock, then this article is for you!

If you’ve swapped the ‘Summer of Love’ for a summer of golf and gardening, you may have noticed that things don’t quite work as they used to. That’s due to a number of factors related to aging.

As we age, we produce less hormones leading  to reduced muscle mass. If you are inactive, there is a 60% reduction in muscle mass by the age of 75! General arthritic changes can lead to painful joints and reduced mobility. Reduced strength and balance lead to a greater risk of falls. And there is also the effects of chronic conditions and medications. Phew! It’s enough to make you think twice about your next stage dive!

But fear not Baby Boomers ( and you too, Gen X, cos you’re not too far behind! ) research repeatedly and consistently suggests that leading an active lifestyle is, hands down, the best medicine. Benefits include reduced osteoporosis, increased strength and balance, better lubricated joints, better cognitive skills, reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduced depression and increased self esteem!

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy we can provide you with a rider of exercise programs, stage manage your injuries and put a spotlight on your activities. The Rolling Stones tour with a physiotherapist in their entourage, so why shouldn’t you? Call us today on 5545 0500


Exercise can be described as planned physical activity targeted to improve health and fitness. Everyone is familiar with different types of exercises such as lifting weights or going for a run or swim. What you might not be aware of is another type of physical activity, one where you can be improving your fitness without exercising!

Incidental physical activity is an important and often missed aspect when considering an individual’s health. Getting up from the chair and walking to the kitchen, mowing the lawn or climbing up the backstairs are great examples of incidental physical activity.

A study in the Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine looked at how the duration and intensity of incidental physical activity relates to cardiorespiratory fitness. The results showed that individual’s with longer durations and higher intensities of physical activity had superior cardiorespiratory fitness levels. This means the more times you forget your glasses when you leave the house and have to walk back inside, the fitter you’ll become!

Our physiotherapists at Tamborine Mountain Physiotherapy can give you tips as to how to maximise these golden, incidental opportunities to live a fitter and healthier life! Call us now on 5545 0500, or better still, walk in to make your appointment! Your body will thank you!



Back pain can strike at any time in your life! Our patients report, not just the pain, but also a feeling of nervousness and distrust of their bodies, and although most back pain does ultimately resolve, this can be a very distressing time.

So, to help you negotiate your back pain, here are three tips for improving your relationship with your back.

  1. Know your pain. You can’t compare your back pain to anyone else’s, even if it appears to be in the same spot. Everyone’s journey and outcomes are different.
  2. Know your lifestyle. Sometimes back pain is not due to an injury at all, but rather an imbalance between what you choose to do and your capacity to do it. For example, decreased activity due to work commitments or the demands of lifting and caring for a new baby. Managing your lifestyle can go a long way to reducing your pain.
  3. Know your fitness. It is important for people with a long history of back pain to stay active as prolonged periods of inactivity have been linked to slower recovery and undesirable outcomes. Also, although increased weight has not been shown to have a causative effect on low back pain, a BMI greater than 30 has been linked to poorer outcomes when attempting to recover from an episode of low back pain.

Your Family Physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy are well versed in the management of acute back pain and we have developed a specific 6 week program for the care of chronic back pain. So our final tip is, know your family physiotherapist! Call us now on – 5545 0500.


Have you ever realised that when you knock your arm against the corner of the wall, you automatically rub the sore spot and it feels better? It’s not just a reaction, it is a way to block the ‘pain signals’ from getting to your brain!

When we experience pain, it is signals coming from the muscle, joint or bone that travel along our nerves up to our brain to tell us that there is potential or actual damage. These signals are actually quite slow and can be overtaken by other signals…such as the ‘afferent’ input that you generate when you rub your arm! It’s as if the pain signal is a Ford Fiesta and the ‘afferent’ signal is a Ferrari Enzo….who do you think would win in a drag race?

In 1965, Melzack and Wall described a theory called the ‘Pain Gating Theory’ in which a gating mechanism exists where ‘pain signals’ are blocked by ‘afferent’ input, therefore stopping the sensation of pain.

At Tamborine Mountain Physiotherapy, we treat many joints and muscles that are causing pain. Our physiotherapists are well trained in providing hands on treatment such as massage, joint mobilisation and stretches, with such treatments providing ‘afferent’ input and shutting the gate on your pain.

Give us a call today on 5545 0500


How does your garden grow? In the current weather conditions we are all struggling to keep our gardens in tip top condition, but what about your most useful gardening tool? Your body?

Gardeners can be a bloody minded lot and asking them to stop is likely to earn you a stake through the heart…. if one could be spared from the vegetable patch!

So here are some useful tips for working in the garden which will see you through the rigors of spring and summer.

  1. Listen to your body and know your limits. It seems obvious, but if a particular task or position is causing discomfort, stop and reassess to see if there is a better way to approach it. Make sure the job at hand is not outside your comfort zone and get help with anything awkward. Installing that replica Trevi Fountain against your back fence may require a little assistance.
  2. Please rest! Make sure you take a break instead of labouring from dawn til dusk. Break your day into a variety of tasks. Constant repetitive actions over a long period of time lead to strain and injury.
  3. Carry your loads correctly. Keep anything weighty, like large pots, close to your body. Don’t overload the shovel head when digging, and if you are hand watering with a watering can don’t hold it out away from your body. This will protect you from over-reaching and strains, particularly of your back.

With a little forethought, your days in the garden will be a creative joy, but if you run into trouble come and see your heroes of horticultural health at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy – 5545 0500


Yay! Finally a day just for us! Yes, the 8th September is World Physical Therapy day.

This year the theme is chronic pain and the day offers an opportunity for physiotherapists to raise awareness about the crucial contribution our profession makes in keeping people well and independent.

Chronic pain is a significant burden on global health with low back pain causing more disability than any other condition. An American Physical Therapy Association White Paper from 2018 described chronic pain as serving no biological purpose as it is not related to the threat of tissue damage and postulated that chronic pain could actually be considered a disease state which can persist for months or years!

Physiotherapy helps people with long term (chronic) pain develop the skills they need to manage their condition and exercise therapy is included in all guidelines for the treatment of chronic pain .

So, with that in mind and with World Physical Therapy Day just around the corner, watch this space! Over the coming weeks, your family physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy will be announcing a newly developed program specifically for the management of Chronic Low Back Pain!

If this interests you, give us a call on 5545 0500. It’s our day, but we are giving the gift of reduced pain!


As part of their registration with AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, all physiotherapists must complete mandatory educational  levels each year.

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy our physiotherapists conduct bi-weekly in-service sessions (both theory and practical), read journal articles, professional magazines and text books and attend several courses and seminars per year.  They are also members of physiotherapy special interest groups for Musculoskeletal, sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy. All of this learning far exceeds the mandatory levels!

Scott and Rebecca have already completed weekend courses in Low Back Care and Dry Needling /Western Acupuncture this year. Last weekend, our senior physiotherapist, Gary Brooks attended a course focusing on the advanced diagnosis and treatment of elbow injuries. We always strive to increase our knowledge base and maintain best practice.

This is just another way that you can be assured our team have the combined learning and experience to care for you and your family through Excellence, Empathy and Humour.

Call us now to make an appointment – 5545 0500