Among the wide variety of conditions that Gary and Mandy treat at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy, acute low back pain is undoubtedly one of the most debilitating and painful.

Research indicates 80% of people suffer back pain at some time in their lives!

Not so long ago, people with acute low back pain were treated with bed rest and told to lie flat on their back on a hard surface for a week or two. More recent research has shown that this regime is actually detrimental to recovery and can result in more prolonged periods of pain!

So what SHOULD you do?

  1. Don’t panic. Most low back pain is temporary and will resolve.
  2. Use heat. Heat helps relieve the muscle spasm associated with back pain.
  3. Avoid bending, twisting, lifting and sitting for long periods of time.
  4. Slowly get moving. Gentle walking and gentle lumbar mobility exercises provided by your physiotherapist will actually help the structures of your back to heal.
  5. Take pain relief. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to get the most appropriate type for you.


At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy we can give you specific advice for your back injury, increase your movement and decrease your pain, even in the very early stages. We will give you a plan to get you over the initial shock of your back pain and strategies to avoid any recurrence.

So, don’t back out of life! Call us on 5545 0500