Is rolling over in bed a nightmare? Do you suffer dizziness and feel like you are falling when you look up? Then you may have BPPV!

BPPV, or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, is caused by the misplacement of crystals in the fluid of the inner ear. Normally these crystals are held in other structures of the inner ear, but injury or degeneration may allow them to escape into the Balance Centre causing interference to the signals your brain receives regarding your body’s position in space.

The symptoms may include – sudden violent episodes of vertigo, dizziness and nausea, uncontrolled drifting and flicking of the eyes and a feeling that the room is spinning. Symptoms occur during positional changes of the head, such as rolling over in bed, getting out of bed and looking up. BPPV can be very debilitating and distressing for sufferers!

Gary and Mandy are both well versed in the assessment and treatment of BPPV. They will first examine you to rule out other causes of dizziness such as neck joint dysfunction. Then they will perform a series of specialised head and body movements to assist with relocating the offending crystals to an area of the inner ear which does not trigger the feelings of dizziness and vertigo. The manoeuvre causes immediate relief from symptoms in 80% of cases and on average, you will only require 1 – 2 treatments for symptoms to resolve.

So if you are suffering bed spins without having the party first, come and see Gary or Mandy. We’ll fix you so fast it’ll make your head spin (or not!). Call us now – 5545 0500