Their eyes locked as they squinted across the cubicle. A tumbleweed rolled forlornly in the background. The heel spurs jangled as the clock struck midday and he made a lightning fast play for the heat gun!

Whoa, hold your horses. Who writes this stuff? The receptionists at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy would never let a tumbleweed into the practice, although it’s true that Gary may reach for the heat gun when moulding orthotics for the treatment of Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

The Plantar Fascia is connective tissue that runs from under the heel, along the arch to the base of the big toe. Its function is to hold up the arch and help in the push off phase of walking. Unsupportive shoes, flat feet or collapsed arches can cause the Plantar Fascia to become stressed, inflamed and painful. In extreme cases, a heel spur may also form. Typically, swelling gathers in the tissue overnight so that when you get up the pain is unbearable until you “walk it off” dispersing the swelling.

The good news is, although this condition is exquisitely painful, it is also fixable by following these steps :

  1. Support the arch – shoes with arch support, orthotics or strapping will all help to support the arch and reduce the pulling on the Plantar Fascia
  2. Stretch the Plantar Fascia – if the tissue is nice and elastic it will stretch rather than tear and swell.
  3. Reduce the swelling – ice, massage and medication can all help.

If pain in your arches and heels is causing you more grief than a sidewinder in a saloon, come and see Gary at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for treatment and relief – 5545 0500