Did you watch ‘Skippy’ as a kid? Do you remember leg warmers as a fashion accessory? Did you have the bands ‘The Church’ and ‘Models’ on high rotation? Do you remember the strange phenomenon of Max Headroom?…Congratulations! You have now made the danger age for Rotator Cuff shoulder injuries!

The Rotator Cuff is a group of four shoulder muscles and associated tendons that maintain the integrity of the shoulder joint by holding the shoulder ball in the correct position within the socket. If the Rotator Cuff is injured then the shoulder is prone to weakness and pain during activities such as lifting the arm and reaching.

Damage can be caused by activities such as lifting, throwing or falling onto the arm or shoulder. And sadly, normal age related changes can also predispose the Rotator Cuff to problems. Injuries usually present as an aching pain around the top of the upper arm and the pain is often sharper with elevation of the arm or lying on the affected shoulder.

Physiotherapy treatment at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy generally involves modification of activities and specific re-training exercises for the Rotator Cuff and supporting shoulder blade muscles. Recent research indicates that, except for in extreme cases, conservative treatment is as effective as surgical intervention in the long term.

So if your shoulder is in worse shape than your betamax cassette of ‘Flashdance’ come and see us at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for advice and relief – 5545 0500