Review of activity on You tube during isolation by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the UK, revealed millions of searches for advice on common muscle, bone or joint problems. The results for back pain, as an example, ranged from the ridiculous such as applying garlic in a wet sock to the back, to the downright dangerous such as taking on a Navy Seal workout!

In fact, of the 100 most viewed videos, the reviewers found

  1. Almost half contained a myth (43%)
  2. More than half contained false or misleading information (60%)
  3. Nearly a third had an unrealistic video demonstration ( 32%)
  4. Almost half did not state their qualifications for providing advice (45%)

Although the internet can be a rapid source of information, it’s hard to separate the fact from fiction and unregulated health advice can lead to people making their conditions worse!

Of course, your best source of reliable advice on Musculoskeletal conditions is your family physiotherapist at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy. We have remained open during this time for people to receive treatment in a safe environment and we also provide telehealth consultations so people in full isolation can still receive the guidance they need.

Remember, garlic is best used in the culinary arts and socks are always best on your feet and dry, so if you are struggling with pain, give your computer mouse a break and call us on 5545 0500.