One of the more interesting conditions to have surfaced during isolation is “Ugg Boot Foot”.

This is classified as foot pain caused by wearing shoes with little or no support for long periods of time. And, let’s face it, isolation or working from home has led to many of us donning the faithful sheep skin from dawn until dusk!….they’re comfy and they go so well with the high end fashion of  trackie dacks and hoodies!

And it’s not just uggies. Fashion search platform, Lyst, has recorded global searches for Crocs up by 32% and fur slides up by 62% and goodness knows how many people are spending their days in their slippers!

The problem is this, worn over long periods of time, this sort of unstructured footwear can lead to increased risk of foot injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis due to their lack of support and also increased risk of falls due to the loose fit and poor sole structure. Pain in other lower limb areas can also develop due to repetitive ‘clawing’ of toes in an effort to keep the shoes on. This in turn can lead to back pain and suddenly your Ugg boots aren’t looking quite so comfortable!

But, help is at hand. Your family physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy are specialists in settling your aching feet, limbs and back. We provide treatment and advice to ensure your emergence from isolation can be a catwalk strut instead of a stumble.

Give us a call on 5545 0500 and keep the Ugg boots for ‘after five’ wear only.