Remember when your granny said she could predict a change in the weather by the aching in her joints? You should have paid more attention because it turns out she may have been right!

Robert Jamison, Professor at the Harvard Medical School and his team found that two major factors led to arthritis sufferers having increased pain with changes in weather.

The first was that changes in weather could simultaneously bring changes in barometric pressure. When the pressure drops it can allow body tissues to expand and put more pressure on the nerves that control pain signals.

The second critical factor was that people became less active over the winter months and did not stick to their usual exercise regimes. This caused theirĀ  joints to become stiffer with a corresponding increase in pain.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of a flare up in your arthritis symptoms over winter?

Dressing warmly is the first easy step. Pay particular attention to your extremities and your head where most of your heat is lost. Next, and most importantly, keep exercising! Regular, moderate exercise can reduce joint pain and stiffness, build strong muscles to support the joints and increase flexibility and endurance.

Whilst we’ll leave it to your granny to knit you a beanie, your family physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy can assess your condition and tailor treatment and exercise programs specific to your needs. Don’t let the pain of arthritis ruin your winter. Call for an appointment on 5545 0500