As the final stages of restrictions begin to lift, many of us are just itching to get back into our team sports and the benefits are obvious for both physical and mental health. And whilst we don’t want to be the ones to curb all that pent up enthusiasm, it is also true that sports clubs and players are being urged to ensure they are match fit before they hit the court or field.

Many more of us have been walking, running and cycling during quarantine which is great for maintaining general fitness, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to go straight back into the high speed running, agility and contact activities of the competitive sporting arena.

Having played at a high level in the past, Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy’s, Scott O’Driscoll is super keen to return to his preferred sport of hockey, but also understands that he will have to prepare carefully to avoid injuries to hamstrings, knees, ankles and hips which are common in most of our field sports.

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy, Scott and Gary can provide a graded, return to sport training program. These programs are great for injury prevention and focus on a combination of targeted strength and balance exercises. Research has shown that targeted preparation can reduce ACL injuries by 50% and overall injuries by 30%!

So, make Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy part of your team and ‘go hard or go home!’

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