There was a young Tamborine-ite,

Who injured his arm in a fight.

He damaged his shoulder,

Wrestling a boulder.

Building rock walls isn’t light!


The Covid-19 isolation has led to us seeing more home and garden renovation injuries than usual. Too many re-runs of ‘Love it or List it’, combined with too much spare time, has led to building site bruises!

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy, we applaud you getting out and using your brains and brawn to improve your environment so here are some tips for getting the most out of your project, without getting the most out of your Private Health Fund!

1.Be smart – Choose a project which is within your capabilities. If you normally spend your days sitting at a desk it’s best not to try and landscape your 10 acre block in a week. Also, give yourself regular breaks in a day to avoid overuse injuries.

2.Be aware – When using ladders, make sure you set up on level ground and have someone else close by. Move your ladder into the best position and don’t over reach or over balance.

3.Be safe – When using power tools, make sure your work area is clear of obstacles and be aware of the power cords which pose a tripping or tangling hazard.


This is the perfect time to get out into the fresh air in your garden or work around the house. You can get some great incidental exercise and the satisfaction of a job well done. And if you do get sore from wrestling a rock, you can give Scott or Gary a call on 5545 0500.