Do you love cycling more than it loves you back? Do you get off your bike with a sore knee, hip or back? You may be riding a bike which is not the right size for you or not set up correctly.

At Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy, our senior physiotherapist, Gary Brooks has been trained in the subtle art of bike fitting. He has helped many people, from competitive cyclists to weekend tourers, get the most out of their sport by ensuring they are set up in the most efficient biomechanical position.

By examining your riding position and looking at things like seat stem length, seat position and handlebar settings in conjunction with your physical measurements, Gary can set you up for cycling success and comfort. He can also address any injuries or imbalances you may have and make sure you receive the treatment which is best for you. As a keen cyclist himself, Gary understands the frustration of not getting the most out of your bike.

So, if you would like to be more at one with your machine, call Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy for a bike fit appointment today on 5545 0500. After all, the Tour de France is only 8 months away!