They say old rockers never die, and if you are old enough to remember The Grateful Dead, Creedence and The Who at Woodstock, then this article is for you!

If you’ve swapped the ‘Summer of Love’ for a summer of golf and gardening, you may have noticed that things don’t quite work as they used to. That’s due to a number of factors related to aging.

As we age, we produce less hormones leading  to reduced muscle mass. If you are inactive, there is a 60% reduction in muscle mass by the age of 75! General arthritic changes can lead to painful joints and reduced mobility. Reduced strength and balance lead to a greater risk of falls. And there is also the effects of chronic conditions and medications. Phew! It’s enough to make you think twice about your next stage dive!

But fear not Baby Boomers ( and you too, Gen X, cos you’re not too far behind! ) research repeatedly and consistently suggests that leading an active lifestyle is, hands down, the best medicine. Benefits include reduced osteoporosis, increased strength and balance, better lubricated joints, better cognitive skills, reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduced depression and increased self esteem!

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