Exercise can be described as planned physical activity targeted to improve health and fitness. Everyone is familiar with different types of exercises such as lifting weights or going for a run or swim. What you might not be aware of is another type of physical activity, one where you can be improving your fitness without exercising!

Incidental physical activity is an important and often missed aspect when considering an individual’s health. Getting up from the chair and walking to the kitchen, mowing the lawn or climbing up the backstairs are great examples of incidental physical activity.

A study in the Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine looked at how the duration and intensity of incidental physical activity relates to cardiorespiratory fitness. The results showed that individual’s with longer durations and higher intensities of physical activity had superior cardiorespiratory fitness levels. This means the more times you forget your glasses when you leave the house and have to walk back inside, the fitter you’ll become!

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