Back pain can strike at any time in your life! Our patients report, not just the pain, but also a feeling of nervousness and distrust of their bodies, and although most back pain does ultimately resolve, this can be a very distressing time.

So, to help you negotiate your back pain, here are three tips for improving your relationship with your back.

  1. Know your pain. You can’t compare your back pain to anyone else’s, even if it appears to be in the same spot. Everyone’s journey and outcomes are different.
  2. Know your lifestyle. Sometimes back pain is not due to an injury at all, but rather an imbalance between what you choose to do and your capacity to do it. For example, decreased activity due to work commitments or the demands of lifting and caring for a new baby. Managing your lifestyle can go a long way to reducing your pain.
  3. Know your fitness. It is important for people with a long history of back pain to stay active as prolonged periods of inactivity have been linked to slower recovery and undesirable outcomes. Also, although increased weight has not been shown to have a causative effect on low back pain, a BMI greater than 30 has been linked to poorer outcomes when attempting to recover from an episode of low back pain.

Your Family Physios at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy are well versed in the management of acute back pain and we have developed a specific 6 week program for the care of chronic back pain. So our final tip is, know your family physiotherapist! Call us now on – 5545 0500.