Have you ever realised that when you knock your arm against the corner of the wall, you automatically rub the sore spot and it feels better? It’s not just a reaction, it is a way to block the ‘pain signals’ from getting to your brain!

When we experience pain, it is signals coming from the muscle, joint or bone that travel along our nerves up to our brain to tell us that there is potential or actual damage. These signals are actually quite slow and can be overtaken by other signals…such as the ‘afferent’ input that you generate when you rub your arm! It’s as if the pain signal is a Ford Fiesta and the ‘afferent’ signal is a Ferrari Enzo….who do you think would win in a drag race?

In 1965, Melzack and Wall described a theory called the ‘Pain Gating Theory’ in which a gating mechanism exists where ‘pain signals’ are blocked by ‘afferent’ input, therefore stopping the sensation of pain.

At Tamborine Mountain Physiotherapy, we treat many joints and muscles that are causing pain. Our physiotherapists are well trained in providing hands on treatment such as massage, joint mobilisation and stretches, with such treatments providing ‘afferent’ input and shutting the gate on your pain.

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