How does your garden grow? In the current weather conditions we are all struggling to keep our gardens in tip top condition, but what about your most useful gardening tool? Your body?

Gardeners can be a bloody minded lot and asking them to stop is likely to earn you a stake through the heart…. if one could be spared from the vegetable patch!

So here are some useful tips for working in the garden which will see you through the rigors of spring and summer.

  1. Listen to your body and know your limits. It seems obvious, but if a particular task or position is causing discomfort, stop and reassess to see if there is a better way to approach it. Make sure the job at hand is not outside your comfort zone and get help with anything awkward. Installing that replica Trevi Fountain against your back fence may require a little assistance.
  2. Please rest! Make sure you take a break instead of labouring from dawn til dusk. Break your day into a variety of tasks. Constant repetitive actions over a long period of time lead to strain and injury.
  3. Carry your loads correctly. Keep anything weighty, like large pots, close to your body. Don’t overload the shovel head when digging, and if you are hand watering with a watering can don’t hold it out away from your body. This will protect you from over-reaching and strains, particularly of your back.

With a little forethought, your days in the garden will be a creative joy, but if you run into trouble come and see your heroes of horticultural health at Tamborine Mt Physiotherapy – 5545 0500