So what do we treat?

Basically, we treat anything that hurts….anything weak or anything tight!

As our A – Z list suggests, we treat muscle strains and sprains, back and neck pain, pre and post surgical conditions, headaches and arthritis and a whole lot more. Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists also provide exercise programs for general fitness, weight loss and osteoporosis.

Each person’s condition is thoroughly assessed to exclude possible medical conditions which can mimic musculoskeletal pain. They may be treated with an array of options at our disposal including joint mobilisation, massage, stretching, exercises, electrotherapy, heat or cold, and western acupuncture and dry needling. A home program of exercises is almost always provided, so that our patients can self manage when not visiting the clinic. They will also be given advice on the ongoing care of their condition. We have an emphasis on evidence based practice which means our treatment techniques are supported by research.

Physiotherapists are classed as “primary care” practitioners which means you can refer yourself for treatment. However, we regularly contact referring doctors to keep them abreast of their patient’s conditions and our management of them. A doctor’s referral is only necessary if you are a Veterans Affairs, Workcover or insurance patient.

Click here to view our A-Z of our Physiotherapy services


How we treat

  • one-on-one
  • hands on
  • 30-45 minute appointment
  • joint mobilisation
  • massage
  • stretching
  • electrotherapy as an adjunct to treatment
  • heat or cold
  • western acupuncture/dry needling
  • exercise programmes – home or gym

Products for Sale at the Clinic

  • heatwheats
  • TENS machines
  • strapping tape
  • back supports
  • braces
  • orthotics
  • glucosamine
  • massage cremes
  • elastic exercise bands

To make an appointment, please phone – 5545 0500.

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